Sunday, 19 August 2007

GalactiCats Getting Emotional

As part of my course at college we did sessions in Digital Artwork (which were so basic, I've taught myself most of what I know) and for one of my projects I created a short storybook called 'SpaceKid Kenji' of which you've seen one of my illustrations for it already. (1st Post guys, think back!). I think I'll recreate a digital version of that book for my blog sometime, it was really cool and I still have all the illustrations as jpgs haha.

Anyways, as part of my concept, Kenji would travel through space with his pet GalactiCat, Cosmo. Basically GalactiCats are the coolest pet because they come in a range of bright colours and they talk and get drunk. Oh and they have really awesome tails haha. And I liked drawing them a lot, they've a simple but fun design.

So I was looking at my MySpace page the other day thinking how bored I was of having Pokémon as my background (*ahem* yes, Pokémon) that I thought 'hmm, what can I do that will be equally as cool' (*ahem* yes, cool, Pokémon are cool). Anyways so I remembered my GalactiCats and I thought yeahhhhh!! So I came up with these simple lil' illustrations of all types of GalactiCat expressions. Maybe they're not so far from Pokémon after all...

You can see how they look on my page here. Which one would YOU have as your sidekick/pet? :P You can see another illustration of Cosmo in my MySpace pics if you're desperate for more GalactiCat action!

And by the way - when will they release the TV series of Pokémon on DVD in this country GODDAMNIT!!!! (That's what the orange one is thinking, blatantly).


Sunday, 12 August 2007

Bunny Boy

Although I had planned to post some new work for this next post, it's taking longer than I would have liked (not helped by the fact that the evils of Warcraft III addiction have set in once more) and I'm getting fed up of not posting!! And I wouldn't want anyone to think I've lost interest haha.

So a pattern is emerging now as I'm posting yet more Kenji artwork - this one is for ephnat who gave me my first ever comment! (I think also it was recently his birthday, so - Happy Birthday!) ^_^ And who also had poor eyesight it seems hahaha - that or the Wabbitness of WabbiWorld caused him to hallucinate. Either way, he mentioned Kenji as a bunny boy, I said I'd drawn him as such and so here he is:



Friday, 3 August 2007

Queen Of HipPop! ^_^

Album image © 2005 Avex Entertainment inc.

Ok now I don't plan on posting many of these kind of entries, but I'm just sooooo thrilled that my
Namie Amuro CD has finally come through the post!!

For those that don't know, Namie Amuro is a musical artist in Japan who, in my opinion, stands way above the other female J-Pop solo artists (though some would probably argue Ayumi Hamasaki is more popular). I was in Japan in the Summer of 2005 and it was the best experience of my life so far; Japan felt so much like 'home' to me.

Whilst I was there, and exploring Tokyo's Shibuya district, there was music being played into the streets and banners were promoting some artist (though of course I was too thick to realise the two were connected), and there was one song where wherever I went I'd immediately recognise it and by the time I'd figured out the artist and the songname I'd run out of money and couldn't get it!! Gutted.

Well a few weeks ago, for some random reason I suddenly remembered about THAT song with the cute video and the pink panther and all these other random elements and I had this urge to find out what it was (by now I'd forgotten the names of things) so after an immense investigation online I finally reminded myself and got the album on eBay for a bargain price! (Took long enough to come though). And guess what, I love it even more than ever! Comes with Pink Panther stickers - and a poster! Namie got the rights to use the Pink Panther as part of the album promotion, and had a female character made in her likeness - so cool!!! Mmm... and it SMELLS so GLOSSY! *solvent abuse*. My recommendation goes out to everyone, if you can find yourself a copy GET IT! My focus now is gettin' my hands on her latest album, 'Play'.

So for everyone else to enjoy, here is THAT song, 'WoWa', courtesy of YouTube.


Ok spazz is over, the next post will be less... like this!

Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Kenji Loves To Share

Since my previous post about my fashion project based on men's underwear I thought you might like to see Kenji showing off his own (and a little extra, it seems). Told you he was cheeky!

I spent a bit of time colouring it on Photoshop but I think I messed up somewhere so I thought I should post the original black n' white version too! I kept the background nice, simple n' clean just like Kenj's pants ^_^

Mmph! I love him!

All comments are very much welcome... espec. advice on how to use Photoshop!


Quick update: Jus' thought everyone might enjoy this nice little crop as well! ^_^