Friday, 14 December 2007

Sharon Stone's Festive Fur

Hey everyone, time for something a bit different (cue huge groan of disappointment).

I just thought that with Christmas round the corner I'd share with you a little image I did with this year's Christmas card in mind. It's a bit of a tradition that I design the family card each year (slave labour, I tell you) and I found this year's inspiration was an image of Sharon Stone I found in that gloriously trashy publication, heat Magazine.

What was quite funny was that the article she featured in read something along the lines of 'YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF' because she had attended some grand red carpet event (the 'Cinema Against AIDS' benefit event in Rome to be precise) wearing an enormous fox-fur cape and it was all 'how could she ignore this blatant example of animal cruelty?' I took one look at the photograph and thought:

'She looks bloody fantastic.'

Something about fur that's so Wintery, don't you agree? Yes it's bad though, so bad...


P.s. The picture on the right isn't the one I drew from, but you get the idea, no?
And don't worry all you Kenji-a-holics, Christmassy treats still to come :D


JC said...

Amazing drawing, mate! Love the blingy earring and hair rendering.

Sharon is one of my top divas as she made my top 10 list twice. But I must say, I was a bigger fan pre brain tumor. Now she's a little spastic and scary... still looks amazing though.

Anonymous said...
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