Tuesday, 8 January 2008

FanArt For A Friend!!

.-'-.-'-.-'HAPPY BIRTHDAY JC!!'-.-'-.-'-..-'-.-'-.-'-.-'-.-'-.-'-.-'-.-'-.-'-.-'-.-'-.-'-.-'-.-'-.

(LOL tacky!)

(...and the tackiness continues... :P)

I've drawn this sketch of Tai
For a pretty awesome guy
On achieving 28 years of age
And for all his words of praise.

So, for JC's birthday I've actually followed through with a plan and created some fanart of everyone's favourite Anti-Hero, Tai, (well my favourite... despite having not read the comics... yeah, my bad... He's a blondie though, whaddya expect!!!?) brandishing his new celebratory tattoo - not to mention them bad-ass biceps! And as an extra little homage to all things JC I gave Tai some Akuma-style beads as a reminder of JC's passion for Street Fighter.
(I wasn't sure if Tai has a pierced tongue or not, it seemed like he should considering pretty much the rest of his face is, but if he doesn't we can just say he's dropping an E. Or more likely a steroid. Bad boy. Also, I've kinda made Tai look like an elf - but personally I like that haha.)

Have a great day, mate!


P.s. Everyone else, check out JC's awesome work via the links to the side.
What's that? You already have?! I SHOULD BLOODY WELL HOPE SO!!

P.s.s. This is my first drawing of 2008!! Happy New year y'all!! I've been inspired by Dr Kawashima's Brain Training on the DS into making my signature thing into a stamp-like thing (I'm going to rework this idea though).

Sunday, 6 January 2008

Christmas Complications

Well, sorry about screwing up with the whole 'Kenji Christmassy Treats' promise. I actually ended up moving home over the holidays and so my computer is now being stored in the garage, and I don't have access to my pictures!!! Didn't think that one through.

Hopefully I'll soon be all set up in some nice (but cheap) flat soon with all my wonderful electronic essentials up and ready. But then I guess the Kenji images would be... slightly irrelevant. I'll have to get some new ones done hehe. I am so crap!!

So big apologies. But even without my pictures I can still offer you some eye candy in the form of Mitch Hewer! The second series of Skins starts soon on E4 and the trailer is just... *sigh*. For those that don't know, Mitch plays 'Maxxie' who has to be the most accurate portrayal of a gay teen I have ever seen on film or television, none of this 'oh it's so difficult being gay/coming out/coming to terms' crap, just plain and simple confident gayness haha. And on top of that he is so CUTE and totally hot!! ^-^ And BLOND! :D :D :D

But of course, he's straight in real life. They always are...

I so would.


Friday, 14 December 2007

Sharon Stone's Festive Fur

Hey everyone, time for something a bit different (cue huge groan of disappointment).

I just thought that with Christmas round the corner I'd share with you a little image I did with this year's Christmas card in mind. It's a bit of a tradition that I design the family card each year (slave labour, I tell you) and I found this year's inspiration was an image of Sharon Stone I found in that gloriously trashy publication, heat Magazine.

What was quite funny was that the article she featured in read something along the lines of 'YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF' because she had attended some grand red carpet event (the 'Cinema Against AIDS' benefit event in Rome to be precise) wearing an enormous fox-fur cape and it was all 'how could she ignore this blatant example of animal cruelty?' I took one look at the photograph and thought:

'She looks bloody fantastic.'

Something about fur that's so Wintery, don't you agree? Yes it's bad though, so bad...


P.s. The picture on the right isn't the one I drew from, but you get the idea, no?
And don't worry all you Kenji-a-holics, Christmassy treats still to come :D

Monday, 3 December 2007

My First Ever Commission (woop!)

Heya peeps, how's it goin'? So I could talk about how long its been since last I posted yada yada yada but that's boring, so let's just get straight to it.

A few months ago I was asked to produce a new logo design for a university's LGBT group, and well, I'll be honest, I wasn't entirely sure whether it was something I'd be interested in. I've kinda always thought doing commissions would mean having to do drawings of things you don't really want to do - I guess that does happen sometimes.

Luckily for me my client wanted me to come up with a new character to act almost as a mascot for the group, and being the sort of person who loves coming up with new characters this is what interested me enough to wanna take part. Though my client decided on a few 'ingredients' to the overall appearance, I was adamant that I didn't want to follow too many stereotypes of gay men, and yet at the same time I knew it was important to reflect what the group was all about.
So I came up with Russ!! Though I know there could be a few improvements I'm overally pretty happy with the way he turned out, and can see a lot of potential for the guy. Let me know what y'all think though, good or bad :D

Oh, and if anyone else fancies me doing a commission for them then please feel free to message me on my MySpace page, or send me an e-mail at white_wabbit@hotmail.com with 'Commission' as the subject. I'm not saying I'll be happy to do anything because I know I won't haha, but I can guarantee I'll consider any suggestions and reply to all!! Don't be afraid to ask, that's all I'm saying.


P.s. I truly am sorry about how crap I am at posting, I will say that I have very little motivation these days for various reasons I won't go into. I'm hoping it's gonna pick up a bit though :)

Thursday, 25 October 2007

I Haven't Given Up!!

Ok, so I know I haven't posted in ages and ages (maybe no one's noticed), but I've just had so many other things to do that I haven't had time to finish some of the drawings I've been working on - and I figured that the next post I'd... post... would be something fantastic and new and exciting... so I've been leaving it. I've got quite a few drawings in the works but I just haven't got round to getting them to a presentable state. So please please please if you ARE interested in my work don't forget about my blog!!! I WILL have something good up eventually, I really will!!

Ok let's see what I can trawl up from the ol' collection of crappy crap that will do for now - can't be having no text-only post now, can I!!

Ok here's one:
Ugh, black-and white, how dull. This was a drawing I'd planned to colour in but lost faith in it - was gonna be a gift for my good friend Mister Patrick Fillion of his two characters Camili-Cat and Lanor. I don't really like Cam in this picture, which is the main reason why I gave up on it. Hmm... I wonder if anyone has the time they'd like to rescue it by adding some extra amazing colour to it? Then again - doubt that'll be enough. :(

Well hope that feeds a few appetites for now. Also, if you haven't already, I have to recommend buying Patrick Fillion's new art book 'Bliss', it's by far the finest collection of PF's work I have ever seen, every image is of the highest quality including gorgeous pictures of my favourite character Flamer.... mmm... ^_^
Anyway as I said before, some GOOD stuff is on the way... it's just taking its sweet time getting here hehe.


(P.s. Patrick, why hasn't Lanor got a character bio?!! Or Flamer!!!)

Saturday, 15 September 2007

New Beginnings For The Wabbit

Hey everyone, tomorrow I make the step of leaving home for the first time and heading up north to go to Uni in Manchester. To be honest, I'm shitting myself as I can see myself skint, hungry, alone, addicted to crack, homeless in no time. (I'd add 'becoming a rent-boy' to that list if I thought there was a chance anyone would have me). I'm such a spendthrift if I have the money there in my grasp, the responsibility is going to push me over the edge, no doubt! I don't wanna grow up!!! >_<

I'm also quite certain that everything that can possibly go wrong during the move will go wrong so I'm presuming I might not get internet in my room for a while, so I thought I'd just pre-empt the delay in posting anything (*laugh* because usually I post so regularly) and leave you with this sketch I found whilst clearing out my room at home. I'd forgotten I did it to be honest, and althou
gh it's pretty clear that not everything is in proportion or anatomically correct it's still kinda sweet. As usual, it's Kenji, but here with his blond-buddy Benedict. I might re-work this picture at a later time, ya never know. And this blog really is becoming the home of Kenji, but no one's complained so far!

Hope you guys like the pic, and everyone gets a big kiss 'til next time.
(I'm sure it won't be that long, really)


Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Kenji In His Undies ...Again

Hey so I've been planning to post my SpaceKid Kenji story for ages, but its not coming along as planned so I'll have to sort it out another time lol. I'm such a NOOB! ^^ (too much Warcraft)

Anyway so I thought to feed your Kenji appetite and to feed my need to post SOMETHING I'd share this painting I did of Kenji years ago, I think I was about 17-18 studying my A-Levels at the time,
including Art, except instead of actually doing any proper work I spent my time doing things like this - which I probably could've somehow integrated into the course but I really wasn't bothered. I dropped out eventually.

But I was quite pleased with this watercolour I did and how I made Kenji quite life-like. It's a shame I didn't actually have him in front of me.

Anyways let me know what you think, and also I'd really be interested in hearing what sort of thing people want to see from me in the future. I haven't quite found the right moment to post any nude/rude artwork!!! I feel so - vanilla. lol.


P.s. Whilst I was looking through my old artwork looking for something suitable to post, my rabbit Chad chewed a few originals!!! O_o