Tuesday, 8 January 2008

FanArt For A Friend!!

.-'-.-'-.-'HAPPY BIRTHDAY JC!!'-.-'-.-'-..-'-.-'-.-'-.-'-.-'-.-'-.-'-.-'-.-'-.-'-.-'-.-'-.-'-.-'-.

(LOL tacky!)

(...and the tackiness continues... :P)

I've drawn this sketch of Tai
For a pretty awesome guy
On achieving 28 years of age
And for all his words of praise.

So, for JC's birthday I've actually followed through with a plan and created some fanart of everyone's favourite Anti-Hero, Tai, (well my favourite... despite having not read the comics... yeah, my bad... He's a blondie though, whaddya expect!!!?) brandishing his new celebratory tattoo - not to mention them bad-ass biceps! And as an extra little homage to all things JC I gave Tai some Akuma-style beads as a reminder of JC's passion for Street Fighter.
(I wasn't sure if Tai has a pierced tongue or not, it seemed like he should considering pretty much the rest of his face is, but if he doesn't we can just say he's dropping an E. Or more likely a steroid. Bad boy. Also, I've kinda made Tai look like an elf - but personally I like that haha.)

Have a great day, mate!


P.s. Everyone else, check out JC's awesome work via the links to the side.
What's that? You already have?! I SHOULD BLOODY WELL HOPE SO!!

P.s.s. This is my first drawing of 2008!! Happy New year y'all!! I've been inspired by Dr Kawashima's Brain Training on the DS into making my signature thing into a stamp-like thing (I'm going to rework this idea though).


JC said...

Happy Happy! Man-- do I LOVE this present, dude! He's soooo friggin' adorable! Spot on with the ears! He's very much supposed to have big out-turned ears. And yes, I've been told many times that Tai looks elfish-- so I play it up.

I'm so going to have to steal your idea of the Akuma beads around Tai's neck for a future issue! They look so cool on him! And all the other little details really work on him-- the gloves; the headband. Totally Tai's style!

I tell you all the time that you have a really good eye for pose and anatomy-- no exception here. Where do you get it? Do you use photo reference? I dunno-- it's something I'm always mucking with and I never really feel like I've truly gotten it down, ya know?

Anyway-- I'd babble on and on about this piece but I don't wanna bore your readers. You know I love it! Thanks so much!! I think I'll go and have a Guinness in your honor, mate! haha!

big hugz!

White Wabbit said...

Hey hey birthday boy/man/guy/person!! Hope your day went well, and so glad you like my version of Tai!!

As for the Akuma beads idea: steal, steal away!! I would be so flattered!! ^-^ Besides, is it stealing when it's a picture of your character in the first place??

As for your questions on pose/anatomy, I most often decide on the pose myself. This can take forever, because I usually have to warm up my drawing to a point where I get more confident and come up with more difficult/more interesting poses. Plus I always want the pose to be faithful to the subject's character. I haven't drawn in ages, and it took me forever to think of anything good for this drawing!! You should see the reams of sketches previous to the final result; you would be sickened (as I was) at some of my renditions of Tai lol! I made him look like a gremlin far too often.

Once I have a pose in my head, I go about trying to draw it as best as I can, and if I have difficulty making certain areas look right, I usually reference these areas. Sometimes I just use myself - like for hands - but when what I need isn't on offer, in this case the bulging arm muscles, I had to look at pics online. I always try to find several images because then I'm not just copying but combining the information from each to create something original. That's important, because if I haven't come up with it myself how can I be proud lol. I used 3 images to reference Tai's arm, one being of Falcon uber-stud Jason Adonis :D Referencing is *sigh*... so tough sometimes.

I don't think anyone could get anatomy perfect without referencing something - whether it be a photo or the way another artist does it - it just depends how you go about using the image you work from. Sometimes I'll take note of the way something looks for future reference rather than drawing directly from an image, especially if I know it's commonly a problem area. I guess life drawing can be useful - but then again as we've previously discussed - do we ever get life models ANYTHING like the sort of people we would CHOOSE to draw?? The figure drawing you've been doing recently is probably helping a lot? I find photos most useful, because then the information is of a real person, yet 2-dimensional. Plus it often just gives you an excuse to go browsing dirty sites :D

One thing I don't think I'll ever be able to conquer completely is drawing bodies in perspective; an angle from below for example. I often draw heads slightly too big anyway, plus it just looks like a guy with fat legs. I believe in the philosophy of keeping things simple :D.

Except when it comes to responding to comments it seems. So endeth my essay haha.


P.s. Guinness is horrible - It tastes like liquid meat!!!

JC said...

LOL-- I'm a guy.

Good to hear that you use multiple pics for reference. When you use one pic, someone's bound to find it-- particularly if you found it online. Once I find someone's reference pic, a bit of the "magic" is gone from the illustration. So yeah-- it's always best to keep the audience guessing. Combining reference pics is the way to go!

LOL-- no Guinness for you, eh? All the British people I know here in the states like it. They're the ones who turned me on to it. But yeah-- I agree-- it IS very... filling. It's totally a meal. haha.

Patrick said...

Hey Wabbit...

This is an EXQUISITE rendition of JC's Tai!!!! Wow! Well done, my friend. :oD So sexy and so cute all at once. You've done a fabulous job of capturing the character's essence in your own playful style.

I love it!

Much love,
Patrick XOXO

White Wabbit said...

Ah shaddap haha :D

Thanks ^-^


Adam G said...

Hey Wabbit!

Fantastic artworks and blog!

Keep up the awesome work!



Anonymous said...
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Reikro said...

Hey Wabbi

Haven't heard from you in a while, how are you doing? I hope all is well. Take care!


Anonymous said...

Dear Wabbit,

Please come back and tell us how you're doing! This blog needs updates!!!!

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