Sunday, 6 January 2008

Christmas Complications

Well, sorry about screwing up with the whole 'Kenji Christmassy Treats' promise. I actually ended up moving home over the holidays and so my computer is now being stored in the garage, and I don't have access to my pictures!!! Didn't think that one through.

Hopefully I'll soon be all set up in some nice (but cheap) flat soon with all my wonderful electronic essentials up and ready. But then I guess the Kenji images would be... slightly irrelevant. I'll have to get some new ones done hehe. I am so crap!!

So big apologies. But even without my pictures I can still offer you some eye candy in the form of Mitch Hewer! The second series of Skins starts soon on E4 and the trailer is just... *sigh*. For those that don't know, Mitch plays 'Maxxie' who has to be the most accurate portrayal of a gay teen I have ever seen on film or television, none of this 'oh it's so difficult being gay/coming out/coming to terms' crap, just plain and simple confident gayness haha. And on top of that he is so CUTE and totally hot!! ^-^ And BLOND! :D :D :D

But of course, he's straight in real life. They always are...

I so would.


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