Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Kenji In His Undies ...Again

Hey so I've been planning to post my SpaceKid Kenji story for ages, but its not coming along as planned so I'll have to sort it out another time lol. I'm such a NOOB! ^^ (too much Warcraft)

Anyway so I thought to feed your Kenji appetite and to feed my need to post SOMETHING I'd share this painting I did of Kenji years ago, I think I was about 17-18 studying my A-Levels at the time,
including Art, except instead of actually doing any proper work I spent my time doing things like this - which I probably could've somehow integrated into the course but I really wasn't bothered. I dropped out eventually.

But I was quite pleased with this watercolour I did and how I made Kenji quite life-like. It's a shame I didn't actually have him in front of me.

Anyways let me know what you think, and also I'd really be interested in hearing what sort of thing people want to see from me in the future. I haven't quite found the right moment to post any nude/rude artwork!!! I feel so - vanilla. lol.


P.s. Whilst I was looking through my old artwork looking for something suitable to post, my rabbit Chad chewed a few originals!!! O_o


Anonymous said...

HOttie!! wow u r amazing. lol. xx

White Wabbit said...

Hey, thanks, Kenji certainly is a hottie and I'm glad you think I achieved the hottie-factor here lol! :P Don't personally believe I am 'amazing' but very appreciative of your comment


Jessica said...

Very sexy.

P.S. I love rabbits. I used to have a couple years ago.

JC said...

Sexy... very nice watercolors. Technically, well executed. It's nice to see your signature character done in a different style. Although he's a lot bulkier than I expected-- haha.

What I'd like to see more of? Well, you hit the nail on the head-- NUDE WORK!! lol! If ya got it, show it!

I'd also be interested in seeing a couple drawn by you. Maybe someone like Kenji paired with someone like one of those fashion sketches you posted a while back. Possibilities, possibilities.

White Wabbit said...

Alright Jessica! Thanks for your comment! Rabbits are the best, in fact, I've just this week got a tattoo of one! The Black Rabbit of Inle to be exact, from Watership Down :D

As for being 'bulky', JC, I used to draw Kenji with a bit more muscle, noticeably a six-pack, but I've gradually come to embrace his character's youthfulness more and make him more - skinny. Plus he used to go swimming *ahem*.
I'm a bit hesitant to post nude artwork, although I know I want to, it's just I don't feel I've done anything worthy of showing anyone yet haha. Most of the stuff I do, I draw for my eyes only at the time; I'm no professional artist :P
And I've drawn Kenji coupled with LOTS of people in allsorts of situations haha, I really ought to share some of these works I guess, but maybe I'm just nervous because in a way, I'm revealing the innermost me...

Totally deep.


JC said...

I totally know what you mean. It was difficult for me to get past that hurdle. Your erotic art is private. It was actually almost accidental that I got into showing my erotic work.

What happened was that some of my good friends found my naughty stuff in college and marveled about how good it was. They were right-- I spent more time on my erotic stuff than my stuff for art school or even freelance jobs. It really was my best work.

So after I put my tame work online and didn't really get much of a response, I started puting up erotic stuff. Bingo! Feedback galore! If there's one perfect place for pornography, it's the internet. The amount of anonymity one can have is unique to any other venue. I think that's why gay erotic art thrives here.

PerilousPierre said...

I like what I have seen of your work so far. Recently I re-wrote my company website and decided to feature a newcomer link. You are my first feature. I hope you like it. You can find the link at . Also my blogs are at and . Good luck with your designing.

White Wabbit said...

Wow JC they really must've been good friends to find hand-drawn porn and not rip it out of you haha, I've always been very selective on what 'drawings' I show and especially who I show them to; the reason I came out was because my brother found a comic strip I drew about a gay guy (which funnily enough I found earlier today). Could've been worse as it wasn't pornographic at all, in fact it's quite sensitive for a 13-yr old's work haha. Or maybe the word is naive... But I guess I never really grew out of exploring my sexuality by myself on paper. Which probably explains why I'm still single! Hahaha!

And PerilousPierre, I am completely baffled as to why you would provide a link to my blog from your site, but definately very flattered so thank you. I know its probably quite rude of me to ask, but would be any trouble to change it to a 'fashion student'? It's just one of those things haha, I never much cared for studying 'art'... is that ok? :S
*is an irritating little shit*
Thanks again, though, so much!! Your support is truly appreciated. ^_^


PerilousPierre said...

Baffled is it? No mystery, really. I think you have talent and wanted to encourage you. Creativity is a delicate thing and easily thwarted. Sorry about the generic term of "art". Please be patient and I will change it when I have a moment.

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