Saturday, 15 September 2007

New Beginnings For The Wabbit

Hey everyone, tomorrow I make the step of leaving home for the first time and heading up north to go to Uni in Manchester. To be honest, I'm shitting myself as I can see myself skint, hungry, alone, addicted to crack, homeless in no time. (I'd add 'becoming a rent-boy' to that list if I thought there was a chance anyone would have me). I'm such a spendthrift if I have the money there in my grasp, the responsibility is going to push me over the edge, no doubt! I don't wanna grow up!!! >_<

I'm also quite certain that everything that can possibly go wrong during the move will go wrong so I'm presuming I might not get internet in my room for a while, so I thought I'd just pre-empt the delay in posting anything (*laugh* because usually I post so regularly) and leave you with this sketch I found whilst clearing out my room at home. I'd forgotten I did it to be honest, and althou
gh it's pretty clear that not everything is in proportion or anatomically correct it's still kinda sweet. As usual, it's Kenji, but here with his blond-buddy Benedict. I might re-work this picture at a later time, ya never know. And this blog really is becoming the home of Kenji, but no one's complained so far!

Hope you guys like the pic, and everyone gets a big kiss 'til next time.
(I'm sure it won't be that long, really)



JC said...

YAAAAY! A couple! Man-- that is a really great drawing, dude. Everything is really on-point-- the pose, the emotion, the blonde's nipples!! hahah I'm so glad you shared.

Don't be nervous about college, man. For me, it was the best experience of my life. I was finally outta my parents house and could do whatever the hell i wanted! haha! And hey, being in college isn't really like growing up. You can still behave like an unruly teenager! And if yer lucky, you dont even have to work! Ah, college life-- I miss u so.

Yeah, start freaking out and worring when you graduate. That's when the dreaded "real world" starts to sink in.

Reikro said...

Hey Wabbit

I haven't been to college so I can't comment, but what I will do is wish you the best of luck and I hope you will have a great time.

Hope to hear from you again soon.

Take care!

Patrick said...

Hello Wabbit...

Sweetie, I have all the faith in you! You will be juuuuust fine! I know that leaving home for the first time can be pretty scary. I remember the first time I left home, and I was pretty scared shitless. But it's amazing how quickly you can adapt to new stuff... and this is one hell of a cool adventure you're one! I have no doubt you'll be groovin' to your new life in no time! :o)

LOOOOOVE the new image! It is so sexy and loving. Beautiful job, my friend!

So, much love and luck to you on your new adventure! Keep us posted!

Patrick XOXOX

Reikro said...

I miss you already lol. Without you here no one is even looking at my blog. Come back! I'm lonely out here!

White Wabbit said...

Hey guys!!

I'm finally all set up and settled in hehe!! Manchester is great - met loadsa great people and havin' loadsa fun. My money is disappearing very quickly but... I think I'll manage :P

Thanks for all your words of encouragement, they really mean somethin'. I kinda feel like I've got a whole separate life on the net, and without a connection I felt a part of me was slowly dying away! *phew* Thank fuck I finally sorted out my stupid LAN issues hehe!

I'll have somethin' new for y'all relatively soon, and this time... something un-Kenji for a change. So good to be back!!

Love ya loads!!
Wabbit xx

P.s Reikro how am i sposed to read a blog that is CLOSED!! Quitter!!

mountii said...

that pic made me cum myself

mountii said...

Was my comment vulgar yes...neccessary oh HELL YES!!!!! now excuse me while i clean off my screen